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A little history here. Nineteenth century women were creative and thrifty. Nothing was wasted. They used scraps of wool or wool felt from old clothing and hats to create designs for mats and rugs. Various sized circles were made using coins for templates. (Thus the name "penny rug.") Each piece was stitched using a blanket/buttonhole stitch. They sometimes backed the pieces with old burlap bags or feed sacks. To make the piece lie flat, a penny was often stitched under one of the circles. Today the term is used to describe any design made with wool/wool felt and sewn with the buttonhole stitch.

I love working with wool and have designed these patterns from that love. But, I am definitely a mixed media person. Some of these patterns have wool designs on cotton/cotton flannel background. My wool samples are hand sewn, although stitching by machine would work as well. Feel free to experiment on your own. Most of all, enjoy...

The Girls and a Few Guys Spring Summer Autumn
Winter Christmas Other

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