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Doll Workshops

Folk Art Series

The group chooses one doll design from my ongoing series of 24" seasonal dolls. They include:

  • Jan -Katrina and Snowflake, her snowman
  • Mar -Gillie with her kite and marbles
  • Apr -Polly and her chicks
  • May -Gabriella the Gardener
  • Jul -Libby the Keeper of Freedom
  • Aug - Zoethe Seascape Artist
  • Sep - Raven and Fiddlesticks her crow
  • Oct - Willow and Licorice her cat
  • Nov - Hannah the Pilgrim
  • Xtra -Clarissa the Red Hat Lady

With some homework done before class, participants can relax and spend the daylearning lots of cloth doll making techniques. Most students leave with their doll close to finished by the end of the class.

Time: Full day      Limit 20

Sarah the Amish Quilter

Working from Lancaster Amish traditional dress, I designed this 24"tall cloth doll with care for detail, but lots of simple sewing techniques to make the project easy and fun. Sarah is dressed in authentic Amish clothing,right down to her pleated organdy cap. She wears a chatelaine with her sewing tools around her neck and is holding a traditional Amish Square Within a Square quilt. She is a wonderful addition to any quilter's home. Just find her a seat and let her sew.

Time: Full day      Limit 20

Ebenezer Scrooge…Before the Spirits

Approximately 18" tall, this is Scrooge at his curmudgeon best. He wears a nightshirt, slippers and tasseled nightcap. With a shawl thrown over his shoulders and a candlestick in his hand...he's about to meet Marley as the night begins! For some reason, this has always been a favorite of the male family members of students who make him. Mmmmmm…

Time: Full day      Limit 20

I Need a Bit of Folk Santa

This wonderful Santa is 24" tall and dressed in his winter gear. He's all ready to make his yearly trip complete with his pack, presents and a star topped tree. He's bound to make everyone smile. Once again, this pattern was designed with lots of techniques to make this project much easier to execute than the finished Santa looks.

Time: Full day      Limit 20

The S'Mores Snowman

Students will want to keep this cheerful snowman out all winter (even if they live in Florida). A winter scene wraps around the bottom of his wool felt coat. Coal buttons march down his front and a sparkly snowflake with a tiny snowman face decorates the tip of his long stocking cap. Not only do students make this happy fellow, but they also make his flickering campfire. After all, he has to toast marshmallows to make his s'mores. (The campfire alone will astonish family and friends.) Except for a little had stitching, students will be done at the end of the day.

Time: Full day      Limit 20



Half Day (3-4 hours)

Full Day (6-7 hours)

For actual fees, contact me at: or 978.256.9048
All fees are plus transportation costs, housing, and expenses.
Photos of workshop items are available for aid in student selection and description.
Kits are available for some classes.
Supply lists are sent on confirmation

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