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Quilt Workshops

Exploring Appliqué

An all day workshop that explores all aspects of hand appliqué, this is a very hands-on class. Students will work on a muslin "notebook"that will be a take-away learning piece containing all the different techniques for layout, stitching (including curves and points), and finishing. Lots of tips and good helpful information. Class also includes a choice of three patterns for students to use to apply these new skills.

Time: Full day        Limit 20

Carousel Appliqué

This workshop takes the student through the mystery of dealing with small pieces and multiple layers. Each participant can choose their pattern from one of several carousel animals and will be well on their way and stitching their project by the end of the day. Lots of tips and techniques are covered.

Time: Full day      Limit 20

Back to Basics

Working with a block that is a house with a star pieced into the design, students will explore the basics of hand piecing. With so many quilter's getting their first taste of quilting on today's wonderful sewing machines…there are many who have never had the chance to try or understand the joys of piecing a block by hand. We all love our machines and wouldn't trade them for anything, but hand piecing not only helps us understand fabric better, it is a wonderful way to do something satisfying with all those little bits of waiting time that crop up during the week…time spent waiting in the dentist's office or sitting in the bleachers at a child's sports practice. There are also those times when we want to sit and visit with friends…but still work on a project…after all that's what quilting has always been about. This workshop will get students started on a small project that's not only portable and social, but stress
reducing as well.

Time: Full Day      Limit 20

Quilted Clothing that Works

How do you work a great design into a garment, put it together without changing the size and then finish it off? These questions are all answered in this workshop. Students are instructed to bring a clothing pattern they wish to embellish to class. They leave with a fitted muslin and lots of information on numerous ways to do it.

Time: Full day      Limit 20

Wonderful Wool Simple Santa or Gold Star Pumpkin

Students work from a kit of either the Santa or the pumpkin. All aspects of working with wool are covered in this workshop, with students well on their way and stitching their project by day's end. More Quilt Workshops

Time: Full day      Limit 20

Working With Wool

Working from a simple pattern, students learn how to work with wool in the popular penny rug style. All aspects from wool preparation through layout, stitching and finishing are covered in the workshop But…beware, wool is addicting!

Time: Half day      Limit 20

How Do You Do That Hair?

Over the years, I have added to the dimension and texture of my appliquéprojects with an embroidery style that evolved from the loose and simple way I was taught stitchery as a young child. Add to that the techniques I developed as I learned to work with various paint mediums, and you have "hair."Participants receive appliquépatterns of the heads of a young girl and boy and learn these easy embroidery techniques that will enable them to add realistic hair to any project that includes figures. It is not necessary to be a stitcher to learn this, so grab some floss and have a little fun.

Time: Half or Full day      Limit 20

Redwork/Stitchery Basics

Students learn all they need to know to get them stitching on a small ornament project. Pattern transfer, materials, and stitching techniques are all included.

Time: Half day      Limit 20



Half Day (3-4 hours)

Full Day (6-7 hours)

For actual fees, contact me at: or 978.256.9048
All fees are plus transportation costs, housing, and expenses.
Photos of workshop items are available for aid in student selection and description.
Kits are available for some classes.
Supply lists are sent on confirmation

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